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Premier Halo Championship League

Season-Based Halo Infinite League

The PHCL is a competitive Halo Infinite eSports League

PHCL is free to join. Create a team with 3-5 friends or join an established team as a Free Agent. With multiple leagues and a promotion system in place, you can play against players at your skill level and compete for fun, glory, and cash.


Live Match Broadcasts

Participate in matches with live broadcasters brought to you by the PHCL Twitch channel. Learn to cast and stream matches yourself as a member of the Production Team.


Cash Prizes

The league is structured into skilled tiers, each with its own prize pool. Everyone has a chance at winning a cash prize at the end of the season and moving up to the next tier.


Accessible to All Levels of Skill

Whether you're a professional eSports player or just miss the late nights of playing Halo with your friends, there is a place for you in the PHCL.


A Growing Community

Get involved in a growing community of over 200 users from all around the world. Meet new and interesting people with a shared passion for gaming.


Have you ever wanted to feel like you were a part of a Professional eSports League where your skill or experience does not matter? Do you want the chance to win prize money without any money down? Well gather up your friends and join us in the PHCL!

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